Oh tonight was awesome!!

A friend and I went to the Dave Ramsey Smart Money Event.  Oh it was exciting!!

I’ve maybe been a little quiet lately about our Dave Ramsey journey lately.  We are still plugging along.  Sometimes it feels like it is taking soooo long!  Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes.  I keep reminding myself of how far we’ve come, how much we’ve learned, and are still learning!  We are really doing good!  Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it.

Yeh, feelings lie.  We are doing good.  I tell the feelings to shut up and look at the facts.  Still, that is hard some times.  Staying on track is hard some times when the track takes soo long.

But tonight, ah tonight, was completely re-energizing!!    I feel better now!  We are still on track!  We are still working the plan!

Tonight I am thankful for getting to attend the Smart Money Event tonight with my friend!  It was a great evening!!

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