Life Moving

Today I took my dad to a VA visit.  This was planned weeks ago.  It isn’t favorable to reschedule or delay the VA.  There are a string of appointments going on right now; each one seems contingent on the one before – although that was never really stated.

This meant that I missed a funeral of a very special man today.  Today was hard.  I know he would have understood me not being there.  Being there or not being there, it is hard either way knowing that today was the day.  I haven’t really felt like doing much else.  But, life keeps moving.  And we have to move with it.

Today I am thankful that traffic was light on the drive east this morning.  I am thankful that the wait time was low and my dad actually went back 10 minutes before his appointment time.  I am glad traffic was light on the way home today.  I am hopeful that maybe I’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight, and tomorrow I’ll think of Charley’s smile and light more than I’ll think about his funeral.  I miss you my friend.


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