I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

We had a good Easter here at my house.  We were woken by the earliest waking child.  This child then went and woke the other children.  The kids hunted for eggs and their baskets.  We watched an Easter movie.  Then I snuck back to bed for a nap!

Soon after, we were off to visit parents/grandparents.  Our bellies are always ready to pop on holidays where we go to two celebrations on the same day!  But it is always nice to see everyone for two celebrations on the same day!

Tonight I am thankful for a day filled with family!  And I am especially thankful for Easter!  This year, this season of life right now, remembering the miracle of today, the price paid for our salvation, and God’s love for his children . . it just hits home a little more right now.  This past week has been a struggle to keep in the right mindset with certain things.  Remembering the meaning of today helps keep it all in the right perspective.  ❤

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