Naturally Generous

If you haven’t shopped at Aldi’s before, I wanted to explain their cart procedures.  All the carts are stored outside.  The carts lock together.  And to unlock a cart, you have to put a quarter in to the cart.  Once you put the cart back and lock it in, you can have your quarter back.  Very smart!  I have never been to Aldi’s parking lot littered with carts.  And they don’t have to pay anyone to go get the carts.

A strange and wonderful thing happens at these Aldi’s stores.  I will vouch that it seems to multiple Aldi’s locations, as I stop and grab groceries wherever I may be for the day for appointments; so I shop at several locations.  So here’s what happens, people are nice.

Strangers push their cart back up to the store and give it to someone else.  Many times they are offered a quarter from the new shopper.  And many times they refuse.  Because it is, after all, only a quarter.  Some people push the cart back to the other carts and leave their quarter in the cart to surprise the next shopper.  Because it is, after all, only a quarter.

This has spoken to me on several different occasions.  It seems that people’s natural inclination is to share and be generous when they feel that what they have is surplus or miniscule to their every day existence.  So without outside influence and worry, people tend to be generous and kind to each other.  Maybe I’m over thinking this, I mean it is just a cart at a grocery store.  But, this happens over and over again, in several different cities.  It makes a person notice and think.

After having gone thru Financial Peace and now leading the class, Man, this really is seen a different light.  What if God knows this?  (Of course he does!)  He knows that if we aren’t worried about paying our electric bill, and we have more than we need, that we share.  What if God wants us to a have a life much different than what the world says is normal?  (Of course he does!)  He wants us to have peace and not worry about money.  He wants so much more for us than we can imagine!  This journey of financial peace just keeps deepening!  And I’m sure I’m only at the tip of the iceberg!

Tonight I am thankful for learning new ways of living.  I am thankful for seeing people act as God intended us to act – even if it is only over a quarter and a cart at a grocery store!  It is wonderful to watch, all kinds of people being kind of their own free will.

If anyone would like to read any of Dave Ramsey’s books, just shoot me a message!  I keep extra copies to share with anyone who wants to read about principles founded in the Bible for how to handle money and have peace!

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