I bought this hat some time ago.  It may sound silly, but I don’t wear it outside the house.  I totally would.  It’s just that I haven’t.  This hat sits at my desk.  I wear it when I need to get a good relax / vacay vibe going on.

This was a long Monday.  Not the horrible-est of Mondays, but a long one.  So tonight, the hat came out!  I tried to share the hat with my darling children who seemed to have a case of the Monday’s themselves.  They just didn’t seem to appreciate the fun-ness of the hat.  Perhaps I should remind them?

Tonight I am thankful for making it thru a long Monday with a fun hat and family 🙂  Ok, yes the family part is much better than the hat . . even if the kiddos were a little Monday-worn themselves . . they are still better than the hat ❤



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