Under Attack

This morning was rainy (like you didn’t know, right?)  I own 4 rain coats.  I could find 0 raincoats on my way out the door.  What is odd about that, is that when it is dry outside and just chilly; that is when I can only find raincoats.

Anyway, I found a jacket with a hood and took off for my first appointment.

This warm weather and all the wetness has made a happy breeding ground for mosquitos!  Fortunately I had bought bug spray this weekend!  Unfortunately, I left the bug spray on the kitchen counter.

Do you want to know how fun it is to measure a house in the rain while being attacked by mosquitos?  Hmm?  Not fun.  Not fun at all.

By my next appointment, the rain had stopped!  Yay!

Tonight I am thankful that the rain didn’t last all day!   I will be thankful tomorrow for remembering the bug spray too 😉

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