Some day, several years from now, I will go the Entreleadership Summit put on by the Lamp Group.  It is going on right now, in San Antonio Texas.  It is an amazing, several day long conference with industry leaders on all aspects of leadership and business.  I will have an amazing time when I go!

I can’t go yet.  My babies need me here.  And I wouldn’t soak up the wealth of information there if I was worried about what is going on here.  So I really am good with waiting.  Because when I go, I want to enjoy every single second of it without worry!

The good news is, between now and then, the Entreleadership facebook page is sharing clips of some of the things going on there!!  One of, or maybe the first, speaker of the event was Dave Ramsey discussing the importance of leading yourself before you can lead any sort of business.

It was good to hear!  The part that really stuck with me is the opposition.  The fact of the matter is, that the more you get out there and do in life, the more opposition you will have.  Everyone has an opinion.  And the more you put yourself and your works out in the open, the more opinions you will hear.  But, that doesn’t ever make you wrong.  You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  And you will never make everyone happy.  So you keep going and doing what you know is right.  You aren’t doing this for the opposition.  You are doing this for those that you can help.  Keep your eye on the goal.

Tonight I am thankful for the snippets of videos coming in to my news feed!  These are good to tide me over until I can attend in person one day!

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