The End

Tomorrow is the last weigh-in for the Healthy Eating Habits challenge.  I must report that I have crashed and burned . . like big time.  Can you see the flames?  Look out your window!  It should be visible!

I’ll tell you what happened.  It started last Sunday night.  I cut down on sleep.  I know that my body despises lack of sleep.  Like, quite honestly, I could sleep for 6 hours, eat nothing the next day, and gain two pounds.  I have teetered on the edge of a thyroid breakdown for so long (factored possibly by genetics and definitely induced by poor life habits), that this particular circumstance is magnified in me.

I did not intentionally hurt my body.  But I did intentionally sleep less to get more work done . . which yes, hurts my body.  So I guess I kind of did do it intentionally; which makes the whole thing worse that I am the problem.  Of course that means that I am also the solution – should I choose to be!

I then made the mistake of stepping on the scale before we left for the Mackinac trip.  I had still been eating well and exercising lightly.  But the lack of sleep had taken its toll.  The scale said something unpleasant and I gave up.

So tonight I am thankful that although the challenge ends tomorrow, I will continue healthy habits myself.  I know what my body needs.  I need to give my body what it needs to stay healthy.  If I can master this, it will be more valuable than winning any challenge available to mankind!



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