Amazing (x 2)

I am an over-planner.  I can admit it.  I’m not sure the cure.  It would somehow involve turning off my brain.  I don’t know how to do that.  And honestly that doesn’t sound completely safe . . .

For Memorial Day I planned on having Ethos Real Estate West drive the truck and throw candy again.  That went great last year!  Then we added pulling a trailer full of Cheerleaders!  That was a great idea!

Guess what?  I can not both drive the truck and supervise girls!!!  Fortunately my fabulous coach pitched in and stayed with girls on the float.  I felt a tad guilty, I’ll admit.  I was in the shade of the truck with the a/c going.  And she was on the trailer in the sun, roasting.  All the girls were on the trailer in the sun, roasting!  I had brought sunscreen, water, and what started out as ice . .

After the parade, we had an open house planned for a listed property.  It was good timing.  Besides being a holiday where our town floods with people, there was also an open house at the town’s middle school.  The school’s open house was sure to attract a lot of people who were coming to stroll down memory lane in the hallways!  The timing was great!  But, the closer we got to today, I really wasn’t feeling like doing the open house.

I worked most of the day Saturday.  I worked half the day yesterday.  When I haven’t been working those two days, I was planning what I’d need for the parade and the open house.  Then my wonderful associate offered to stay at the open house so I could have some family time!  That was such a blessing!

Tonight I am thankful for those who have my back thru crazy ideas!    Honestly I don’t remember if the cheerleader trailer was my idea or not!  But it sure sounded good!  It went great!  And the open house went great!  And I know they wouldn’t have been near so great without two amazing ladies today!

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