I’m not always good at waiting.  I have children.  And of course children are not known for their ability to patiently wait for things.

I also have a strong dislike for kids resorting to playing video games on their phones to kill time any time they are bored.  But, of course sometimes I do let them.

This evening we were waiting for the girls’ dance to start.  Both girls were dancing this year.  And we couldn’t wait to watch them.  Like seriously, we didn’t want to sit there and wait to watch them!  The spectator troops were restless.

So we pulled out the phone and played with filters 🙂  I think that was a good compromise!  We were using cell phones and NOT playing video games!

Tonight I am thankful for a good compromise to keep everything waiting patiently without resorting to video games!!  And I am thankful that both girls did great at their dance tonight!  The whole show was great!


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