Today was a big day in our home!  We got some new windows!!  Not all new windows.  We made the worse-conditioned windows a budget item and have been saving up.  I’ll tell you, it caught the installation guy off guard when he asked what financing option we were using and I told him cash!

When the window salesman had first came out, thru the snow back then, and went thru the financing options; I told him we would be waiting and paying in cash.  He tried other pitches to get us to bite at financing.  When he asked why we were going to save up, I asked him if he had heard of Dave Ramsey.  He had!  His kids took the Foundations program in their high school!  There was no further pushing towards financing, he knew we would not be swayed from saving up!

It worked to our advantage, this cash thing did.  While we were saving up (because it took several months . . windows are not cheap!), I was contacted with an even better offer on the window price!  The window office people thought we weren’t going to purchase the windows at all; so we got an even better deal!  We had every intention of replacing some of these windows; two of them fell apart last fall!  Like, seriously fell apart, the frame came apart and we had to catch the glass!

Our new windows are so pretty!  I could just sit there and stare at them ❤  Yes, this is adulting . . . being completely content to sit and stare at a window . . not out the window, but actually at the window.  Next week I’ll get a thrill from watching paint dry!  =p Seriously though, the windows look good!!

Tonight I am thankful for our new windows!!  I think the other rooms in the house are jealous now and want their new windows!  But, they will have to wait!  Paying in cash makes the new windows even more enjoyable!!  We did a house full of windows with financing once, many years ago in a different house . . I tell ya, the windows didn’t look near as good!


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