The Wind

Isn’t it funny how God drops things in to your lap before you even know that you need them?  Sometimes it would be so easy to miss.  Take today for example.

I was driving along and listening to the Dave Ramsey Show.  He shared a quote.  The one below here.  I liked it so much, I had to find it looking all pretty instead of just typing it out to share!  At the time though it seemed a little silly to share this one.  Of course, it is a good quote . . but not exactly the definition of my life this morning.  I mean, there’s been a few things  going on lately; but not near as bad as what some people are going thru.

Then a bunch of things all erupted in a short amount of time.  I got home and had to rush my son to Redi-Care (he’ll be ok in a few days).  Then I was rushing to make it to the Financial Peace class on time.  I can’t miss that!  I unlock the door!!  In the meantime I got word that someone was spreading false information trying to affect my business!!

Like, BOOM, all this within less than 2 hours!!  The stress level around me has been coming down slowly from a two-week marathon of life.  I am definitely not starting at ground zero on the stress scale.  I think without the Godly warning, I would have broken a little today.  But I didn’t.  I prayed instead.  I prayed for a good doctor to help my son.  I prayed to be ready before class members arrived.  I prayed for this attack on my business to be something manageable.  I regularly give this business to God . . he handles it all much better than I!

So here’s what’s happening.  My son will be ok.  He has Strep.  And his body just freaked out a little about it.  The doctor was mildly impressed with the atypical reaction.

Class was set up and ready when everyone walked in tonight.

And I am 99.99% sure that I have pinpointed who is attacking my business.  I have sent them an email (it is after 9pm mind you, or else I would call).  I reread the email at least 10 times.  I deleted and re-wrote about 5 times.  I think it’s good.  I hope so, I hit <Send> already.  I usually have my very level-headed mom give me feedback before I send such emails.  But I really think I did good.

Tonight I am thankful for God’s reminders that we are never alone for what the world throws at us.  Yes, the airplane takes off against the wind.  Even more inspiring is that God controls the wind.  And God guides the airplane.



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