Garden Surprise

I have been to the Children’s Garden at MSU for field trips 3 times.  That was actually one of the field trips that the hubster chaperoned on also; so I didn’t hit the 4 count with that one.

Anyway, it is a very nice garden with enough fun and plants mixed together to keep a child’s interest.  I had never walked around outside the Children’s Garden before though . . not until today.  Today one of my Girl Scouts was working on a badge close by.  So I took my other three kiddos and we went exploring.

There are absolutely beautiful gardens at MSU!  There was an impressive rose garden with all sorts of roses!!  We kept walking and found more and more gardens!  I never knew they were there!  And they were all gorgeous!

Tonight I am thankful for exploring the gardens with my kiddos today!  We are planning to go back with the fourth kiddo!  And I think we are going to take my mom for an extended lunch!  She would love it!


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