Part of my job as a mother is to teach my children to be aware of the world around them.  There are days that I feel like this lesson is being understood wonderfully and the kids are growing.  Then there are days when I just shake my head a little and remind myself that there is still time to teach them.

Today I went to the hospital for a test (the continuing gall bladder expedition).  The kids were all set.  We had talked about this.  They knew I probably wasn’t going to feel very good when I got home.  We talked about what to do while I was gone, how to listen and be respectful to the one in charge, and to do their chores.

After the test was done, I went out to my van.  I listened to my voicemails.  One of them, I kid you now, went like this, “Mom, when are you going to be home?  You’ve been gone a long time. *mumbling*  And I’m bored.  *mumbling* And there’s nothing here that I want to eat for lunch.  *mumbling*  Come home.”

At least I know that I am missed when I am gone!  When I got home, we had a talk about how that phone call was not what we had talked about before I left!!

Tonight I am thankful that most days I feel like the kids are aware of the world around them.  And that they recognize and act like they are not the only ones in the world!  I want them to be confident, self-reliant, and self-assured people, who can look past themselves and really see others.  And they will learn this!  Eventually 😉  Even with me!

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