Taming Momma Bear

I have a coffee cup (which is odd because I don’t drink coffee) that says “Don’t Mess with Momma Bear”.  It has bears on it.  And it is a larger cup, great for hot cocoa.  I wanted the mug.  I liked it.

Going “Momma Bear” is definitely a catch phrase now-a-days.  But I sat here reflecting today about how this phrase has lost its meaning.  I see the parents just blasting everyone because their little child is unhappy.  Sometimes there isn’t really even a problem!  Just a mood that the child is unhappy – this is life!!  Your children will be upset by things!!!  The parents (some, not all) aren’t out for an amicable resolution of a problem; they are out for blood.  And this is all done in the spirit of “momma bear” protecting their young.  Momma bear’s don’t eat everything that makes their cubs unhappy!!  They look at a situation, and if there is a real threat; then they act.

Don’t get me wrong; I am absolutely my children’s protector.  But I am also their parent.  I understand that MY job is to let them have consequences for bad decisions.  I understand that a momma bear would let her cub fall down when it wondered where she said not to go.  She wouldn’t get mad at the rock the cub fell off of and pound the rock!  She would let the cub get up and realize they shouldn’t have climbed the rock.  And a momma bear certainly wouldn’t eat anyone standing there who watched the cub fall down without intervening on the cub’s behalf!

Let’s take a moment and tame the momma bear response to life as a parent.  Kids need to learn responsibility; and they can’t do that if momma’s are running around trying to interfere in everything that upsets the kid!  I have no officially proof.  But I would be willing to bet that if you watched a momma bear over the course of a cub’s life; I’ll bet the momma does exponentially more teaching of the cub than she does eating the predators and defending the cub.

Tonight I am thankful for mommas protecting their children.  And I pray that we remember that sometimes what the children need protecting from most, is the momma bear mentality.


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