I remember how this started . . my little boy had decided that he wanted do the Dalmac bike tour to Mackinac.  Well, if he really wanted to do it, then I was going to have to get myself in to shape to do it with him!

When we started out to train, it became evident that the goal was too big for right then.  I had hopped online and found a smaller race.  So my then-10 year old boy and I signed up for a 15 mile bike race.  Much to my surprise, my daughter decided that she wanted to go also!

We finished . . . last.  Well, kind of last.  There were two other people who were behind us.  But, they didn’t actually finish.  They turned off the route and went home.  So we were last to finish.  But, we finished!!

The next year, I completely missed the race.  I hadn’t thought it being an August thing.  So we had the one year off.

Last year we did not finish last!  We were in the last group of people.  But we weren’t last.  That was improvement!  And when we made it to the finish, the kiddos laid down in the grass, exhausted!

This year!!  This year we finished somewhere in the middle of the group of people!  And the kiddos were still standing after we finished!

Tonight I am thankful for this annual bike race with two of my kiddos!  Maybe some day we’ll get the other two kiddos to join in too.  For now, I am so very proud of us today!  We did great!

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