Many, many years ago, when the hubster and I had more ambition than sense, we paid money . . actually paid money . . for a random course on how to buy real estate with no money.  We started the course and started following the steps.

I found an online auction and bid on a house.  And we won!  My mind said “Yes, we followed the steps and got a house.”  But my mind wasn’t super confident.  And my heart sank.  Just that bad “feeling” that you get when something is NOT right.  We had no business buying an investment house at the time!!  We bid on the house without walking thru it. When we did go thru it, we found lots of asbestos covering the pipes in the basement.  My heart sank even more.

God was watching out for our foolish selves and the auction never did finalize.  The bank who owned the house did not respond within the alloted time to our bid and we were able to cancel.

Those “feelings” are important!   I always listen to those feelings now.  Wisdom is knowing that it is ok to say No to anything and everything, based solely on those feelings!

On the other side of that coin is the feeling of peace.  There are some decisions that I’ve made that should have had me running for the hills.  I mean the decision seemed so crazy that I should be terrified.  But instead I have a great peace.  A peace that could only come from God.  That is a great feeling; not just as reassurance on the decision, but for the fact that I’m not alone on the path before me.

Peace is what I’ve had on this path to buying the Dansville Community Center.  I was blessed with the opportunity to work on the build-out for my office a year ago at a variety of times.  During these times I got to see the array of people that come thru the Center’s doors for help and fellowship.  It was heartwarming, to say the least.

There have been bumps on this road.  But each one bump overcame is leading toward an awesome destination.  The latest bump is needing to get the Center rezoned.  With this, we have asked for people to sign a petition if they are in favor of the rezoning, which will keep the Center in operation.  The outpouring of kind words and encouragement has already been amazing!  We aren’t over this bump yet.  And I am keeping my eyes on the goal.  But . . Wow . . just Wow!

Tonight I am truly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of something that touches so many lives and helps so many people!  The Center is really a building, just wood and materials; but the spirit of the organization is one of self-lessness to help as many people as possible.  And that is really shining thru as people have reached out in support to keep this thing going!  ❤  ❤

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