My husband teased me this summer when there was a job opening for our school’s Varsity Cheerleading coach.  “Are you going to do that too?”  He asked.  “Um, NO!”, was my answer!!  That is a HUGE commitment.  And frankly, I’m not the best coach anyway.  On the 1 to 10 scale of being interested; I was a negative number.

Buuuutttt, I wouldn’t mind “playing” coach for a night!  And tonight I got to do that!  The new Varsity Coach (who, for the record, is completely awesome!!) already had a prior engagement when she took this job.  So just for one night, I was down on the track with the Varsity girls 🙂  It was great!!

A little known fact about me – when I was in 11th grade, I joined the Varsity Cheer Squad.  I had never cheered before in my life.  I was about 50% interested in cheer.  And 50% wanting to have a great view to watch the game 😉  I cheered only for football my 11th and 12th grade years.  And that is it.  And it was fantastic tonight being on the track!!

Tonight I am thankful for getting to “play” Varsity Coach tonight!  I am thankful that the girls seemed ok with me!  I am thankful that we won the game tonight!  And I LOVED seeing the looks on the cheerleaders’ faces when the crowd was so pumped about the game that they were starting cheers themselves!!  It was wonderful!!


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