My plan to get our darling puppy over the summer with the kids home backfired a little bit.  Sure the puppy got plenty of attention and love!  But I had hoped they all could help train him a little while they were home.  Sure, he can shake and sit.  But he has been in no rush to potty outside.

We should have bought stock in Lysol and Bounty before we brought the puppy home!  He has been old enough to know better for some time.

With the kids back at school, on days when I am working from home, the puppy and I have been working on some obedience training.  Today I saw a glimmer of hope!!  Today he barked at the door because he had to go potty!!!!  The next time he had to go, he went on the floor again.  But I will not be discouraged!

Tonight I am thankful for a glimmer of hope that this puppy will be potty trained soon!!  I can’t wait to trust the furry fellar to roam around the house and leave it dry!

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