Cute Story

Do you like cute things?  I like cute things.  So here’s a cute story:

Today, after the football game in Whitmore Lake, I had to go take some pictures of houses.  The exit off the highway that we would be taking to the houses had us close to a cider mill and bakery.  The hubster loves fresh-made doughnuts!  So I told the girls that we would stop and surprise him!

We got the doughnuts and wandered around for a few minutes.  There were food vendors there!  So we got a few yummy treats from the food vendors.  I was looking at one daughter waiting for her food and the other daughter eating a giant elephant ear and my phone rang.  The phone was the hubster, saying please don’t eat dinner!  He was in the middle of making a delicious Sunday dinner for everyone!!

Ut Oh!  I told the girls that we were going to stuff our selves tonight!  I didn’t want to tell him where we were!  It would ruin the surprise of the doughnuts!  I did tell him that we had some snacks but we would be ready for dinner!  We did it.  We ate it all.  And boy were we stuffed tonight!

Tonight I am thankful for the cuteness of us both trying to surprise each other with yummy food tonight! ❤  ❤  The hubster made a delicious dinner!  And the doughnuts will be delicious tomorrow morning!


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