When to Fight

I am a fighter.  Anyone who’s been around me for any length of time probably knows that.

One thing that I have tried to work on over the years is knowing when I am fighting for something because I liked the idea; or when I am fighting for something because it is supposed to be my fight.

For the past several months, I’ve been fighting for something because I really liked the idea.  Over the past several weeks there has been numerous data that maybe this isn’t meant for me.  Numerous conversations with professionals have been doubtful.  And now, the final straw might be knowing that the future of whatever I did would be scrutinized and deterred by people of legal influence to the operations of the new endeavour.

I don’t like to give up.  Maybe this wasn’t meant for me.  But, maybe there’s a way to save it in the avenue of it’s original intent.  In the next several days I plan on having conversations with some idea-houses on how to save the idea in a way that will work for all.

Tonight I am finding a little difficult to be thankful . . which is just why I do this blog; to find something to be thankful of even when I don’t feel like it.  So, tonight I will be thankful that the fight isn’t over.  It may not be meant to be my fight; but maybe I can help rally troops who were meant to win this fight.

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