Focus on the Good

Today had some big crappy stuff in it.  It had some bigger good stuff too.

So tonight I will be thankful for the good stuff.  I am thankful for a nice breakfast with my Marky.  I am thankful for only going about 35 mph when I choked on a M&M (the bigger peanut ones) and was able to quickly pull over when I momentarily couldn’t breathe.  I am thankful for a caring stranger who stopped and buried my barn kitty who was hiding in my van and jumped out on the road.  I am thankful for my neighbor who came and gave me hugs to feel better after the kitty.  I am thankful that the THREE other barn kitties who were somewhere in my van were ok (I think they must have been sitting on the spare tire.  I don’t know where else they could have been.).  I am thankful for an evening of cheer with a bunch of silly girls and friends.  And I am thankful that I am going to bed early.  I have made it thru the day . . . my nice warm bed is calling my name.

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