Lists and Stuff

By the end of this weekend, I am going to have a plan and a checklist.  This is grown-up me.  Me, myself, naturally is not a checklist planner or a detailed plan person.  A dreamer?  Absolutely!  Goal setter?  Yes!  But details?  Nah.

It has taken me years to appreciate the value of a good detailed plan and checklist.  And I have learned that it definitely cuts down on stress.  A week ago from now I was starting to get worried about our instructional cheer program that ran this past week.  By the end of last weekend, I had the plans made and details accounted for.  Monday came and I felt confident.

Now I am looking at moving my office.  I wish I would have made a list last time!!  I will most likely forget to update something, somewhere.  Ah well, if it doesn’t make the list, I’ll certainly find it later.  At least by Monday, I’ll have a plan and a list.  And we will start the process.

Tonight I am thankful for learning the value of lists and such.  I won’t say I’ll ever be a “list person”.  But I have certainly learned to appreciate them!

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