One Day

I’ve had today planned for a while.  It was a half day of school.
None of the kids went to school.  We went to the orthodontist instead.  Because, hey, why not make all the appointments at one time on a half day? 🙂

From the orthodontist, we were going to do something fun!!  I was thinking the Detroit Zoo!  It was many years ago, on a half day of school in October, that I once took the kids to the Detroit Zoo.  It was a much warmer day then!

The big difference between then and now, besides the weather, is our finances!  I am imagining that back then I just decided to go, got to the entrance, and swiped a credit card for the admission fee.  Now, we are on a budget!  I have an envelope with cash in it to be spent on “fun stuff”.  I checked the envelope last night and looked at the admission prices online for the zoo.  $78 plus tax just for the five of us to walk in the door!!!  So I started looking for alternatives.  And I found an awesome one!  The grand total for the Whiting Forest canopy walk is $9 for all five us.  And we haven’t been there yet. So that was our plan today!!

Then my youngest woke up with a headache.  I wasn’t too concerned, he stayed up too late last night and he said the cat woke him up a few times.  He looked tired.  Surely his head hurt from lack of sleep.  He did good the whole time at the orthodontist.  We got in the van to take off for our afternoon of fun.  We went only a few miles when my son said he felt like he was going to puke.  I looked over at him and his face was all white.  I pulled over on the side of the road and he jumped right out and tossed his cookies.  We came home.

Tonight I am thankful that we came home today.  It was good that we didn’t have plans set in stone.  We just decided that we’ll go to the forest canopy another day, no big deal!  Instead my kiddos got to rest, nap, and breath in Thieves oil from the diffuser!!  Fingers crossed this leaves my house quickly!


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