I’m working on a reset.

Sometimes in life, you need a reset.  We were working towards a goal.  For months and months we were planning, making decisions, researching, and moving towards this goal.  Then the goal is gone.  It’s ok.  I think it is for the best.  There was some blank time.  You know blank time, right?  Where you are really just “there” for a bit.  You aren’t going down.  But you aren’t really going up or sideways yet either.  You just sit for a minute, mentally, and take some cleansing time to catch your breath.

And then it’s time to set a new goal.  I’m good at goals.  I’ve always been good at goals.  This time I want to make better goals.  This last goal, it was a big one.  In hindsight, I think I made that goal more for others than for myself.  It is true that it was a goal that would have been good for many people.  I love a challenge . . and that goal was challenging.  But, in retrospect, was that goal really what I truly wanted?  The answer is a resounding “eh . . maybe a little”.

Anything less than a “YES” should not be acceptable.  Time is precious.  Life is precious.  I want to make sure I am chasing the right dreams and goals.  Ones that will make my heart sing; and not weigh it down.  I couldn’t believe the amount of stress that lifted with the end of the last goal.  I was surprised at how relieved I felt.  I believe the path we were on brought many blessings; I don’t think the whole thing was wrong.  But something there was wrong.

So I’ve been working on this new plan.  This resetting of goals takes time.  I’ve been doing some learning.  I’ve been doing some planning.  I’ve been thinking a lot of where I want to be in the next 5 years, 10 years, 20 years.  What path will take me there best?

Ask yourself that.  If you could be doing anything that you wanted to do in the next 10 years, what would it be?  If you don’t know yet, then it’s time to start dreaming!  Do some dream research!  Once you have a picture, you point your life in the direction of your dreams and plans the steps to get there.

Sometimes dreams change.  Sometimes goals are cut short.  Then you take the time to heal.  And you start dreaming and goal-setting again.  It can be a liberating process.

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to rest for a bit.  I’m in no rush to make new goals.  I’m taking this as a process.  I’m feeling confident in the no-deadline time here to plan where to go next.

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