Wrong View

I was having a conversation just the other day with someone about budgeting.  They are looking at starting the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course and are very excited about the path to becoming debt free!!

But, they were concerned because they still want to be able to “do things” and go places.  For someone like myself, who had only previously done what I thought was a “budget”, I understood what they were saying.  I told them that when you learn to budget the right way, the way you learn in Financial Peace, you give every dollar an assignment.  And sometimes that assignment is something fun!

Tonight, for example, we did some belated-birthday celebrating with my daughter.  For months and months, I’ve been  putting a certain amount in an envelope every week.  The envelope is marked “Birthdays”.  And the amount of money in this envelope has grown slowly over many weeks.  So tonight, when we went to celebrate, I grabbed the cash out of the envelope.  I didn’t need to worry that I was using the grocery money, or perhaps money that should pay a bill in the future.  No, this money was set aside just for celebrating!  We had fun tonight!  No guilt spending.  No remorse in the evening at all.  Not even when we bought the extra amount of tokens for the arcade!  Nope, this money’s assignment was to have fun.  And it carried out its task!

Tonight I am thankful for learning that a budget doesn’t have to mean the death of all things fun and enjoyable!  That is what I thought for a long time.  I was wrong!  In fact, it is the exact opposite – it gives freedom to enjoy!

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