Last week the power steering on the daughter / hubster’s car went out.  It had flashed a light every once in a while about the steering.  And this time the car meant it!

We were very fortunate that this was a recall issue.  So there was no repair cost for us!  We learned (and I’m sharing in case you didn’t know) that there are two different types of car recalls.  One is per the manufacturer, when they know there is a problem so they urge owners to bring in the vehicle and they will fix it.  The other is when there is a big, huge problem and the NHTSA gets involved and demands the recall.  We were in the first category – eh hmm . . Ford Fusion owners, check out the recalls on the Ford website.

Last Thursday the car was dropped off.  It made for a fun weekend of auto sharing.  Fortunately my van, Felicia, likes to give people rides.  I think she likes it so that when the people leave, they can call out “Bye Felicia!”.  I haven’t had the heart to tell Felicia, the van, that the whole “Bye Felicia” thing doesn’t have the friendliest connotation.  I won’t burst her bubble!  She might blow a gasket or something!

Tonight I am thankful that the Ford is fixed and back in the driveway!!  Taxi Felicia is down to her normal duties again!  Yay!

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