I have this spreadsheet on my computer that I absolutely love!  It started January, 2015.  That was around the time we started our Financial Peace journey with Dave Ramsey.  I had done some reading and listening of this Dave Ramsey guy for a short time before that.  January was when we officially started.  Boy, we have come a long way!

We worked our tails off and stuck to the budget and became debt free except for our house two years later!!  But, we aren’t perfect . . . far from it actually.  In 2017 we made some poor and just careless decisions and went back in to debt.  We got fairly disgusted with ourselves and in 2018 got ourselves back out!  This time for good!  NO MORE DEBT!!  Our plan is in place to get the house mortgage gone as soon as we can!

I have done a complete 180 on my thoughts of budgets!  I used to view a budget as unattainable with my irregular income.  Now I know how to do it with an irregular income!  I am laughing at myself now with my office budget.  My new office has been under construction for a few weeks.  The initial budget was made rather quickly – as the need for the new office came rather quickly.  During the renovation of this space we have encountered many un-budgeted for items; which tends to happen with renovations of old houses.  And I’ve been feeling very unsettled with the budget.

Yesterday I reviewed and updated the office renovation budget.  I feel much more at peace with it all . . . like “Financial Peace” . . get it?  🙂  There are a few things that we were thinking of hiring out that we need to do ourselves to stay in budget.  And now we have a plan!

Tonight I am thankful for finding Financial Peace almost four years ago now!!  If you had told me four years ago that we would be out of debt except for our house right now; I wouldn’t have thought it possible.  If you would have told me that we had actually gotten out of debt except for the house twice by now; I would laughed.  And if you would have told me that we would be cash flowing an office renovation with little notice before renovations began; I would just stopped listening to you – you dreamer you!

P.S.  I’ve been thinking of teaching another Financial Peace class in January.  If anyone is interested, please let me know!!  And just FYI, this is not a shameless plug for a side job – instructors are volunteers.  It just an awesome, life-changing, completely free-ing experience!!


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