I should bite my tongue!  Last week I said “I’m glad all the demolition is done!”.  I was so happy.

Nope.  I forgot about the floor.  The current floor has no vapor barrier between the floor covering and the concrete.  So it must come up.  I knew this . . . I had just forgotten.  To stay on track, the new subfloor has to be in by the end of tomorrow.  So now, we’re de-vinyling the floor.

I am choosing to be thankful here.  I could very well choose to be tired, exhausted, annoyed, cranky, and just over this whole thing.  But, that choice would not be a good one.  So, I choose to be thankful.

Tonight I am thankful for a house to be able to renovate.  I am thankful for a business that is fruitful enough to cause a need for this renovation.  I am thankful for being able-bodied enough to work on these renovations.  I am thankful for a husband and family that help with the renovations.  And I am thankful that this will be a beautiful thing once it is done!



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