My Honor

Six years ago I joined DCAA as a cheerleading coach.  My daughters loved cheer and they needed a coach if they were going to have a squad.  I had very little clue what I was doing, but I signed up.  We had some rough patches.  But it was a good season!

Three years ago I became the commissioner of the cheer program.  I had some goals for the program.  I thought they were pretty good goals.  I wanted a bank of uniforms for the girls, that would fit every girl who showed up for cheer.  And I wanted to raise the balance in the bank account for the program.  Those were some pretty big goals!

Then I was blessed with some amazing coaches who have cheerleading in their blood!  My big goals were made even bigger!  The goals expanded to new pom poms for the whole program and two cheer competitions completed.

Tonight I officially resigned as commissioner.  It has been a fantastic time.  I honestly didn’t dream this adventure would turn out as well as it has.  Nor did I dream that I would get to know such amazing and driven women that I am truly honored to call my friends!

Tonight I am thankful for these past few years in this program!  Beyond my goals of the program, a true blessing here was getting to know the girls that have showed up.  It is a privilege to be entrusted with another person’s child, even if only for a few hours.  And it has been my immense pleasure to watch these ladies find their courage, their confidence, and their voices in the seasons I have been a part of this program!  (P.S. I’m not out completely.  I will still help as a coach next season!)


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