I have seen the Nutcracker Ballet four times in the last seven years.  It hadn’t dawned on me that my Nutcracker loving child had only seen it once in that time.  I had went on four field trips with the school to the ballet.  She had only gone once when it was her grade’s trip.

She loves nutcrackers.  She has several.  We bought a new version of the movie last year – it was weird.  We saw the new Nutcracker movie his year – that was good.  But the actual ballet . . well, it has been awhile for her.

I knew that the ballet performed once a year in Lansing.  When we were discussing going to see it, it had already performed.  So, I started looking around.  I found one production in Brighton that was quite costly!  So I kept looking.  And tonight we went to see the Nutcracker Ballet at the Potter Center in Jackson for a reasonable price!

Tonight I am thankful for the opportunity to take my daughter to see the Nutcracker.  It was a wonderful production!  And a wonderful evening!


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