We have an older dog here whose nickname is “Tinkle-Pants”.  She has had potty problems her whole life.  And she has been having a negative influence on the 7 month old puppy!

She has been pretty good in recent years.  But, she has watched the puppy potty on the floor, so then she has been potty-ing more on the floor.  Then the puppy watches her potty on the floor and he wants to potty even more on the floor.  Ugh . . frustrating!!

Last week I hopped on amazon and ordered a puppy potty bell.  A friend told me that it worked good for her puppy.  The bell went in over the weekend and today the puppy rang the bell to go out!!  I am so excited!!  I am so tired of over-stocking paper towel and floor cleaner!

Tonight I am thankful for the potty bell!!  I hope it works great!  It is exciting that the puppy already rang it after just a few days!



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