Isn’t it funny when you make a decision . . like a directional life decision.  And then, the tests come!

In this instance, I’ve written quite a bit about our Dave Ramsey / Financial Peace journey.  With how we’d gotten out of debt!  Yay!  Then, how we made some not-great decisions and went back in to debt.  Booo 😦  Then, how we are out of debt again.  Yay!  And we’ve sworn never, NEVER, N-E-V-E-R, will we borrow money again . . NEVER!!!

Now, this renovation has gone over budget.  And the thought keeps coming . . I could just go to the bank and get a loan.  I could pay it back really quick, with no problems.  I got a great credit card offer in today.  It could be so quick.  We could hire all the rest done and just have it finished.  It’d be so easy.

NO!!!  This is a test and we are passing it!  We will not borrow any more!  This family tree changes HERE!!!

And I’ll tell you something, this feel fantastic.  It would be easier to borrow money to finish this up quick and easy.  But, it would not bring peace.  This weekend, we’ll be working on the room.  And we’ll be tired and sore.  But, we’ll have peace.  We’ll have peace and knowledge that we made the right decision and stuck to our guns!

Full disclosure, because I don’t want to feel like a hypocrite here, we are having a contractor come out on Monday for a quote.  But that is for some of the work that we can’t do.  We’ll pay him in cash.  And we’ll keep working on the things that we can do!

Tonight I am thankful for the line in the sand that we drew.  There really is a different feeling of peace knowing that even thru all this, us and God are still in control.  Of course God is always in control.  But in the past, we’ve given that control to a credit card company or a bank.  This time, we haven’t given away our control.  We had to make some decisions differently.  I’m not getting the awesome looking fireplace that would have fit so great on the wall.  But the fireplace was more than half of our total project budget!  Fortunately what I do have will keep me warm much longer than any fireplace could!  🙂

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