Tried It

I joined the bandwagon.  I did.  This morning, I tried Shipt.

So here’s the deal, I enjoy grocery shopping.  I really do.  I like wandering around.  I like finding deals.  I like seeing the new stuff.  BUT, I don’t always have time.

Last Sunday I went grocery shopping for the entire week.  I had dinners planned for the week and posted in the kitchen.  And the house had plenty of food!  *que trumpets!  But, it had been two weeks prior that I had been grocery shopping.  In the two-week time, there were plenty of trips to the store for a few things here and there.  We paid more for items in those quick little trips.  And we bought a lot of extras during those quick little trips.  There was no plan, and the grocery budget showed it.

Yes, there is an annual membership fee – I got mine 1/2 off with a referral code.  Yes, Shipt has their mark-up so they make a profit.  But, the Shipt shopper isn’t going to impulse buy like the hubster and I do.  They aren’t going to thru in chips and cookies because they look good.

Here’s how it went today:  I needed items for our holiday baking.  This seemed like the great time to start with Shipt.  I downloaded the app and signed up.  There were a variety of every item to choose from.  And there was a button to request something if it wasn’t there.  I made my selections for our baking and I added in a few things we wanted for the week.  I received free shipping for having a bill over $35.  Then I finished the transaction.  Not long after, I received a text from my Shipt shopper.

She welcomed me, seeing that I was a first time customer.  She said she was heading to the store, and did I have any questions.  I did actually, I needed to add something.  She said no problem!  She texted me when the store was out of an item and gave me the choices that were on the shelf.  She texted when she was going to check out.  And she texted me when she was on her way to my house.  While she shopped, I ate and prepared the kitchen for baking.

She arrived with our items.  She was super nice!  She brought the groceries inside the door.  We had a minute of small talk.  And she was on her way.  Then she sent me a text, wishing me a Merry Christmas and a happy baking day.  It was a wonderful experience!

This won’t be my weekly shopping.  Because, honestly, I do enjoy grocery shopping!  This is definitely going to be my back-up!  The hubster isn’t a very good back-up for grocery shopping.  He knows this too.  It isn’t a secret.  He is not super comfortable with 1) reading my writing on grocery lists 2) using coupons and 3) leaving the store without half the chip/candy/cookie aisle!!!

Tonight I am thankful for trying Shipt!  I’ve been hearing good things.  My friend’s testimony last week had me sold.  And I’m glad I tried it too!


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