On Track!!!!!!

I am so excited!!  After several, several delays and setbacks, the new office will be operational by the New Year!!  This was the goal!  And we will reach it!

A few details of the goal were modified.  There still may be trim work to do.  There will definitely be the inside of the closet and a few other little things.  But, I’ll be able to work out there!!

I’m being a stinker and saving all pics until the end.  (Sorry, not sorry!)  For now, I’ll share the aftermath of my not-so-perfect painting skills!  And a photo of a smiley face that I made on the basement door with the shop vac and drywall dust.  🙂  Fancy, eh?

Tonight I am thankful that things are moving along and we’ll reach the goal with the office!!  I had lost faith a few weeks ago.  But, faith is renewed!  🙂


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