Him Again

The hubster doesn’t want to be mentioned online much.  And I know I wrote about him last night.  BUT, he’s awesome.

We got up this morning and went to work in the office again.

Awhile ago I wrote about hurting my wrist taking up old flooring.  I really upset my wrist muscles (ligaments?).  I’ve been wearing a brace for many days.  In the last couple of days, I’ve been doing better!  Until yesterday.

Yesterday we put down subfloor.  Today the final flooring.  My wrist is back in the brace.  And today I accidentally hit a finger on my other hand with a small sledge hammer.  Oops.  And OUCH.

The hubster and I had to run to Home Depot again this evening.  So we decided to go out to dinner.  I ordered chicken alfredo.  When the meal arrived . . I couldn’t cut the chicken.  Between my metal-braced wrist and my other hand with the giant bandaged finger, I just was having a horrible time with the fork and knife.

Tonight I am thankful for the hubster cutting my dinner for me tonight at the restaurant.  It was such a little thing that was so very sweet and so incredibly helpful!

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