No Regret

If you notice in the photo, yes, I still have out Christmas decorations.  I’m ok with it. 🙂

Next, if you notice in the photo, yes, that is my baby boy I’m holding on his birthday!!  Maybe he is taller than me now.  Maybe I still don’t quite know it’s him when I hear a man’s voice in my house.  But he’s still my baby!  And he’ll always be my baby!

I made myself a little pact quite some time ago to never use the saying “where did the time go”.  I don’t like regret . . and doesn’t that saying ring a little bit of regret?  I don’t want to wonder where any second went with my babies!

So, I’ll tell you where the past fourteen years have been.  They’ve been filled with laughs, talks, stories, playing, wrestling, forgiveness, tears, smiles, and more love than could ever be measured!

Tonight I am thankful for my second child’s birthday today!  He was the only one of my children born on his exact due date!  There was a snow storm that day.  And a bowl game played that day; we had it on the tv in my room (and fyi, that is an excellent way to keep nurses and doctors checking in regularly!)



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