Bye Bye Stuff!

Oh today felt good!  I’m pretty tired actually.  I spent hours going thru things.  And we dropped a bunch of stuff off at Goodwill!

We’ve been working on lightening the load of “stuff” in the house for some time now.  And although I haven’t actually watched Marie Kondo, a friend was telling me about the philosophy she talks about.  Wow did it hit home!  We will start watching soon . . we are on an internet budget for the current time.

Tonight I am thankful for donating a lot of stuff today!  Stuff we no longer need.  Stuff I’ve held on to for too  long because I felt like I “should”.  Stuff that has been taking up space in the house for too long!  There’ll be no guilt for the stuff leaving the house!!  It is only “stuff”!   We’ll do it again soon!

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