Um . . WHAT?!?!

I am totally blaming the snow days for my lack of parental planning!

My darling child is on the Valentine’s Day party group in his class.  He signed us up for cookies.  He wanted to make them from scratch and put in chocolate chips and m&ms.  He wanted them to be special for his party.  He had it all planned out.

Tonight, at around 7:30 he reminded me that his Valentine’s party is tomorrow.  Um . . WHAT?!?!

Of course tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  I just had forgotten that there would be school and that he needed things to take to school!!  Crap!

Tonight I am thankful that our small town has a Dollar General with multiple choices of Valentine’s colored cookies!  They aren’t gluten-free.  They aren’t organic.  They aren’t made with love in my kitchen.  But, by golly there will be cookies at the party tomorrow!!!  I call that a win 😉


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