Two and a half weeks ago I got a call from a kiddo that they found one of the barn cats laying in the back of the barn.   She said there was something wrong with the kitty’s toes.  I wasn’t able to get back home for a few hours.  And there was something definitely wrong with the kitty’s toes.  In fact, I had never seen an animals toes look like that.

It was two weeks before that, when we had that horrible cold weather.  During the horrible weather I had checked on the outside animals several times.  Barn animals were good.  And all the barn kitties were huddled together for warmth.  All it appears, except for Grizal.

I don’t know why Grizal didn’t join the other kitties.  I don’t know why she wandered off.  But she wasn’t found until two weeks later.  She was very thin and not doing very well.  I drove her to the vet, just sure we would have to put her down.

Here we are closing in on three weeks later and Grizal is doing better!  She has lost a couple of toes.  And in all honesty, she’s going to lose several more.  But she is feeling good.  She is back to her spunky self!

I’ve warned the kiddos that when Grizal is all healed, we will have to find her a new home.  We already have three indoor kitties and three doggies.  Grizal will never be a barn kitty again.  She isn’t going to walk very well.  And it is just too soon to know how many toes she will get to keep – but it won’t be a lot of them.

Tonight I am thankful that Grizal is doing so well!  By the way she wants to play, you wouldn’t know there is anything wrong with her.  I am also thankful and hopeful that maybe someone reading this will be able to help us find a good home for Grizal.  Grizal won’t be ready to find a new home for several more weeks.  She still has quite a way to go.  But I was thinking maybe it isn’t too soon to start trying to find someone who would love her like we do.


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