The hubster and I are planning a kitchen remodel.  The plan was for this to happen this summer.

However, I’m not sure.  We have a lot of plans for this year!  And we have a budget!  The plans we will do this year will be done in cash.  And the plans that don’t fit in the budget will wait for following years when there is more cash for more projects!

We have been looking at the list of plans.  We’ve been trying to prioritize the plans.  The kitchen is ending up fairly low on the plans.

One of the issues with the current kitchen is the counters.  They stain very easily.  And we have four kids . . four messy kids.  The counters aren’t pretty.

I was scrolling online and found a picture of someone who re-did their counters with a contact paper made for counters.  Hmm.  I went searching online.  For $20 we could re-do the counters with this stuff.  That is in the budget!  Will it last for a long time?  Probably not.  Will it last until next year?  Possibly!  Hey, even if it lasts 6 months; it was only twenty bucks!

Tonight I am thankful for a quick, cheap update to the kitchen.  Yes, this could definitely tide us over on a kitchen remodel!

P.S.  Did I leave the dishes in the sink for a “realistic” photo?  Or are we just not up on the dishes?  You may never know!!!  Ok, you probably know 😉



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