Purr-fectly Brave!

I move a lot in my sleep.  I take the sheets off the bed in my sleep.  I’ve kicked a dog and cats off my bed in my sleep.  I’ve woken myself up by punching the wall above my head in my sleep.  I rarely wake up unless there is a loud noise from some of my sleep actions.

Side Note – I did not sleep with my children when they were babies.  I would fall asleep with them sometimes.  But I did not intentionally lay them in my bed with me.  I know my sleep habits enough to know that would not have ended well.  I kept them in the bassinet right next to the bed.  I could sleep on my side with my hand touching them and know that I couldn’t hurt them that way!

Anyway, I love holding something while I sleep.  The hubster has no interest in that; as he has felt my sleeping wrath on many occasions.  I have an extra pillow to hold . . when I don’t throw it across the room in my sleep.  I have had kitties come and lay with me.  But they usually don’t stay too long.  Except for this kitty.  Lolly is either brave or else she is dedicated to use some of her nine lives laying with me at night.  Most nights in the past several weeks, she’ll wait for me to go to bed.  She does wake me up sometimes at night . . perhaps that is when I’m moving too much.  I’m not sure.

Tonight I am thankful for my sleepy-time kitty!  She is a brave one, that’s for sure!  But I love that she comes to snuggle with me and purrs herself to sleep ❤


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