Today’s shopping spree with my girls was fun!

First of all, it was a great time with my daughters!  Yay ❤  Second, it didn’t rain for most of our time out.  Yay!  Third, there were food trucks at the outlet mall!  Yay!  And fourth, that unexpected check yesterday left us spend freely today!

So here’s a thought I definitely had while we found lots of sales, but spent lots of money; before starting on our Dave Ramsey journey, an unexpected check would have already been spent.  There would have been a bill that needed to be paid.  There would have been something else that needed the money more than shopping for some essentials and some nonessential items.  We really are making our baby steps toward “Financial Peace”!

Tonight I am thankful for a fun, no-stress shopping trip with my girls today!  Usually I am a picture taker.  But today, I didn’t even take pictures.  I just enjoyed the time in-person with my ladies <3.

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