There were years that I thought about this moment in time.  I thought I would be so sad to have my youngest baby leaving elementary school.

There was a time that my whole world was in that school.  All four kiddos were there at the same time for one year.  And myself, who has never been much for trusting people, opened up a bit in the atmosphere of caring people there.

Two years ago an incident happened that cast a shadow over the other years.  I have forgiven.  And I have moved on.  But I can’t fully trust again in an establishment that threw such accusations my way.  I logically understand the different sides of the situation.  But, these are my babies.  And sometimes emotions just trump the situation.  Anything so negative accused about me and my babies just changed the world in that building for me.

We have been very fortunate to have been blessed with amazing teachers these last two years.  My favorite all-time teacher was last year ❤  Honestly, I had contemplated home-schooling this year in particular.  A new teacher was coming in.  And with the issues of the past, I wasn’t confident that we were going to continue in this elementary school.  I had even told the hubster, if there were any issues, this kiddo was coming home for a year.  He had already healed thru so much and grown so much; I just wan’t going to risk another huge set-back for him.  We were pleasantly surprised this year!  His teacher has been great 🙂

I was determined not to let the incident two years ago taint the whole elementary vibe for our family.  Although it broke a bridge of trust for me that will never be rebuilt.  There were lots of good people, good memories, and good times there.  It has been and will be a part of our lives.  And most of it was good.

Maybe it was that incident that is making this whole “end of elementary school” time easier for me.  Ok, it totally is!!!

But I do think it is more than that.  It is also easier because watching my kiddos grow and become such wonderful people is the privilege of a lifetime.  I wouldn’t wish them to stay little forever, or I would miss the great people they are growing in to now, and the great people they will continue to become in the future!

Tonight I am thankful that we are almost to the end of elementary school!  I am super thankful that I am more proud and excited than I am nostalgic.  And me, who cries at radio commercials, did not shed a tear tonight.  My kiddos were surprised.  I was surprised.  But it fits.  I don’t usually cry when I’m proud and excited ❤

He’s Outta Here!! 🙂


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