Kicked Butt

This week has kicked my butt.

I had declared the last half of the week a “do whatever” end of the week.  School was done Wednesday afternoon.  I don’t have summer rules nailed down yet.  I haven’t gone and done a “big” grocery shopping in a couple weeks.  I’ve had work stuff.  I’ve had internet problems.  I’ve had kids cleaning their rooms and building Mt Laundry again in the basement.

My butt is officially kicked.

So here we are on a Friday night.  I’m going to bed.  Stuff isn’t finished.  Actually I don’t think anything is finished that I’ve started today.  I do not care.  Stuff will still be here tomorrow.

Tonight I am thankful that “do whatever” weeks don’t last.  I am thankful for the weekend.  I am thankful for listening to my kiddos laugh with each other right now.  And in a few minutes, I’ll be thankful that I’m sleeping!



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