I have been trying for a couple months now to come up with an idea.

Sometimes (ok, always), I do not like to take no for an answer.

With our Dave Ramsey / Debt Free Journey, we are limited in a good way.  We are NOT going in to debt anymore . . which means we can’t borrow money to get something we want.  Which means we must get creative or learn patience!!

Patience is not always easy for me.  And I do understand that some things are just not meant for me!  Although, that is a life lesson I don’t usually score an A in . . maybe a B . . or B-.

So finally, after lots of brainstorming and daydreaming, I had an idea today!  I have pitched my idea; which would benefit both sides of the transactions, achieve our goals, and keep us out of debt!  Now I wait!  If the idea is not well received . . well . . then I’m back to brainstorming I guess!  For now . . I think this may be a good idea.

Tonight I am thankful for a really good idea!  I think it is a good one!  Fingers crossed that other parties think it is too!!!

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