The Line

I’ve been asking myself lately where do I draw the line?  Today I found my answer.

It’s difficult.  Life and responsibilities and goals and love and commitments and relaxing.  I have some big goals!  And I work hard.  A little too hard at times.  Last summer I worked a LOT . . and with a goal.  We were going to be buying a building and making a huge business change; and I wanted to be prepared.  This summer I’ve been working a LOT . . and with a goal.

Last summer I got to the end of the summer and said I would NOT work that much during the summer again.  Except, I’m doing it again.  I see how every client, every order, every move can bring our family closer to our goals.  And it’s so hard to say no.  I see our next year plan, our five year plan, our ten year plan.  I see what’s going on right now too.  The kids come in and can hang out with me while I work. So taking on more work is ok because it’s not totally taking away from family time.  It all seems so logical and reasonable – to me anyway.

Except when I go too far.  I’m maintaining one business and growing the other business.  The newer business is growing well, which takes more time.  Time that comes from where?  From the other business?  Or from me?  It’s been coming from me.  And I’ve been ok with that for awhile.  I knew the sacrifice involved with doing this balancing acts with the businesses.  But I’ve left no margin for life to happen.  The past several weeks with poor technology slowing me down has magnified the need for a healthy margin.

I will be re-evaluating this weekend and setting boundaries.  Self boundaries because this is my fault that things have gotten too crazy.  There are some things I need to ask for help with.  I have great team members around me.  There are some not-so-great customers I need to give up (in the appraisal world only!!).  I love that Ethos Real Estate West is growing and helping people!  I want this to flourish!!  I love that I am at the point with Gold Star Appraisals that I can have great clients; it is time to let loose the C- clients and give better service to the great clients.  And most of all, it is time to put myself back as a priority.

Tonight I am thankful for finding the line tonight.  I have a desk full of work sitting here and tonight I went for a drive with the hubster instead.  We did go look at a vacant house that I thought a client might like.  But we went together to see it.  Then we stopped for ice cream and a leisurely drive home.  It was great and just what I needed!



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