I just got back from Gatlinburg, Tennessee with my daughter’s girl scout troop.  What a great trip!

I had never been to Gatlinburg before.  I had maybe traveled thru Tennessee once in high school with the band on our way to Florida.  I don’t even remember our route.

I am very fortunate.  I was just a chaperone helper.  I didn’t do the planning or the checklist crossing.  I just showed up.  While on the trip, I thought maybe I should have helped more with preparations!  Really I got to just come and have fun with the girls!

The mountains were absolutely beautiful!  The girls were fun!  The food was delicious – I’m surprised my pants still fit!

Today on the way home, we rerouted off the highway due to a large traffic back-up and we got to drive thru the backroads of Tennessee!  That was wonderful!  I loved it!  The road was very curvy and narrow.  But it was gorgeous!  A few hours from home, there was even a rainbow in the sky!

Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful time these past few days!  And now, I’m getting some much-needed sleep!  Good night all!


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