While driving around today, I kept a small notebook on the seat next to me.

I’m working on changing things.  It’s been about a week since my re-revelation that things have gotten off track and a bit out of control here.

So I’ve been taking a mental step back.  I’ve jotted down thoughts of how I would like things to be.  What would my ideal day/week look like?  I’m starting there.  I’m not up to month and year yet.  How many hours a day would I like to work in an ideal day?  How much of the work week would I like allotted to each business?  How much sleep do I need?  When would I like to have time for me?

Then I’m jotting down more thoughts.  Are these goals realistic?  If so, how can I reach them?

And the big one – how do I keep from going off track again in the future?!?  I don’t have the answer to that one.  But, I’m getting better.  Intentionality is hard!  I thought I’d been being intentional about a lot of things . . and I had been.  But while I wasn’t looking, my work-aholic, tunnel-vision tendancies snuck in.

I think I definitely am going to have plan to take this step back and re-evaluate at much more regular intervals before I drive myself crazy!

Tonight I am thankful for taking the steps to get work back under control.  I like when I feel that I am running my businesses and they aren’t running me.  Lately, the appraisals have been running me.  And I’ve let them.  The good news is, since I am the problem; I am also the solution!  Time to change.

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