Ah the Baby Steps . . the Financial Peace Baby Steps.  They seem so scary.  They seem so limiting.  But, the baby steps to lead to financial peace.  We are still moving towards that goal.

Today we had a family meeting and discussed our big family goals.  Per the baby steps, a big vacation shouldn’t come until after baby step 3 is complete.  So that is a goal.  We want to do a big family vacation, in cash, later this year.  Today at the family meeting we discussed the vacation.  And we discussed how baby step #3 would be completed before we go.  Then we talked a little about future vacations we can take in the upcoming years.

We have worked very hard for the past many years towards this goal of financial peace and it is wonderful to feel like we are finally rounding the corner where we can do something big, in cash, and in line with the plan, and just splurge and enjoy something pretty expensive just for fun!

We have had smaller family vacations when the kids were littler that I remember having fun of course; but also feeling stressed and a little guilty.  When we vacationed on credit cards and I knew we shouldn’t have been spending money like we were; well the vacation was not nearly as fun as it should have been.  It wouldn’t have mattered where we went or for how long.  We did not have financial peace at all.  We were actually very far away from that peace in our finances.

We still have a long ways to go on this journey!  But I think it is safe to say that we almost have the largest hurdles behind us.  Now we stay the path and relax a little to enjoy some of the fruits of our labor!

Tonight I am thankful for being able to be excited about a big vacation for our family!  The thought of the vacation itself is wonderful!  The thought of doing the vacation in cash, with our household taken care of and the vacation money belonging directly to the vacation (and not desperately needing to go somewhere else), is excitingly peaceful!

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